Trial Day

Come and meet your companion's new friends!

Introducing a home away from home

All dogs who come to K9 Heaven go through an initial trial day first.  The trial day is a specific process for your companion, and involves methodical and proactive attention to the introduction of your companion to our packs.  Please note this does not include a viewing of our facilities.  We offer walk throughs of our services between 1pm and 2.45 pm daily and do require bookings for this.  Please feel free to email us at to book a viewing.

Our one-off fee of $50 for the trial covers the higher attention requirement, and any special on-goings that may be required.  Trial days run from before 10am with a pick up after 3pm.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer this kind of initiation, thorough follow up, and progression for life, however we do recommend a trainer for specific issues, if required, such as serious aggression or the likes.

Apart from being an initiation day, and learning to know your companion, it also helps us to not let in the following:

  • Aggressive dogs
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Extreme barking
  • Escape artists

In the end, your companion should have a great day meeting lots of new friends and people and they should be coming home to you ready for dinner, ready for bed, anticipating the next time they get to hang out at K9 Heaven with all their new friends!!

Book your assessment day online or call us on 09 833-1883 if you'd like any more information.

Vaccinations: We do not accept dogs without NZ Boarding Kennel appropriate and approved Veterinary vaccinations. Dogs wishing to attend K9 Heaven must be:

  • Current with DHP Distemper Hepatitis Parvovirus - Current within 1 year.
  • Current with Leptospirosis - Current within 1 year, if not then a 1 month stand down is required.
  • Up to date with Kennel Cough - Current within 1 year, administered at least 7 days before coming in, nasal or injection.

Please view our up to date Terms & Conditions here

K9 Heaven does not accept dogs not de-sexed after 8 months of age.

Trial Day Rates

 Trial Day Rates The minimum timings are 10:00 - 15:00
One Dog $50.00 including gst
Two Dogs $80.00 including gst
Three Dogs $100.00 including gst


If you are wanting to book a trial day please click on the link to fill out our registration form.  You can then proceed to place a trial day booking. 

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