Large Dogs need Large Spaces

...and we have plenty of that! Your buddy will absolutely love running, swimming and playing at K9 Heaven.

Large Dogs

We understand the needs of our larger companions and their owners.  We have specific areas depending on their needs, energy levels and personality. Our 'front yard' is a mixed area where are more relaxed and laid back medium to large dogs can dream the day away, mixing with some of our smaller but confident companions.  

For those who prefer lots of running and playing we have our ‘big dog’ area. This area provides a large space for our bigger dogs to play the day away. It also boasts large deck areas for our companions to relax while overlooking the rest of the yard. You can be assured that your companion is free to play throughout the day under the constant supervision of our experienced and dedicated pack leaders.  

We also have a young guns group for medium to large dogs who like to play the day away with similar paced friends.  Each of our spaces also have in built pools for the water babies to play as much as they please.

'Pack Running' is a unique experience that all of our members are able to enjoy.  For our larger companions this may mean heading out two or three times throughout the day with a group of friends to explore and trek through their 12 acres of playground!  There is nothing else like it!  We guarantee your canine companion will come home relaxed and happy after a fun filled day with us.  For many of our larger dog owners this also means a break from the daily walks needed to expel some of their companion’s energy.

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