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Terms & Conditions 2022

  • My dog will attend an intial trial day at the rates shown on the trial day page, to help my dog settle in the pack and to assess my dogs suitability for K9 Heaven's social environment.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven is bound to the Dog Control Act & the Animal Welfare Act, and any such actions, situations, incidents or events occurring with my dog may require K9 Heaven's attention to these Acts or anything associated and forthcoming.
  • Seeking & having service given by K9 Heaven in written form or verbal, is considered to be both legally bound as 'service provided', at no time does a written or verbal agreement deter from K9 Heaven terms and conditions as written here (official website).  A dog placed into K9 Heaven's care (daycare, boarding, grooming, international pet transport, foster) is considered 'service provided' through written or verbal agreement.  I understand K9 Heaven reserves the right to amend terms and conditions as sees fit at any time.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven's operating hours are 7am - 6:30pm, and accept all costs associated with anything undue outside of these timings.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven operates in a domestic dog 'pack' environment and therefore accept all of the benefits and risks associated with this, and agree that K9 Heaven is not responsible for any injury or illness, or the loss or damage of any belongings, food or medication left in our care during my dog's attendance at K9 Heaven.
  • I understand that I am liable for any veterinary/medical care expenses and damages that result from injuries caused by my dog.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven reserves the right to refuse access (at any time) to any dog that displays unstable, unsociable or aggressive behaviours.
  • I agree to not hold K9 Heaven, its employees and representatives, liable for any injury/loss/death/sickness of my dog.
  • I understand & agree that under no circumstances will K9 Heaven be liable for subsequent damages or damages which are beyond the replacement value of my dog.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven reserves the right to seek full vet disclosure/history for any such issues arising where I question care given under any circumstances.  I understand that full vet disclosure/all history from my dogs respective vet clinic is part of due process in any situation where warrants.
  • I give permission for K9 Heaven to seek veterinary attention for my dog if any medical issues develop while my dog is in its care and I agree to pay all costs associated with treatment.  K9 Heaven reserves the right to seek vet attention for my dog as it sees fit on my behalf as my dogs primary care giver while in K9 Heavens care, in the best interest of my dog's welfare, comfort & well being.
  • K9 Heaven reserves the right contact my immediate emergency contact if my dog displays extreme barking, or aggression, K9 Heaven does not accomodate extreme barking and at any time 24/7 I agree that K9 Heaven may contact me or my emergency contact to pick up my dog.
  • Opening hours are from 7:00am to 6:30pm, 7 days a week.  I agree that if I am unable to collect my dog by 6:30pm, for daycare, that my dog will be boarded overnight at my expense.
  • All dogs boarding overnight are to be collected the following day by 12:00pm, at no extra charge, however, if my dog is collected after 12:00pm a full day care charge will apply of $35 + gst.
  • All fees must be paid at the time of drop off or pick up of my dog when boarding & daycare.  No accounts unless by prior approval.
  • I understand a $7 post payment fee will be applied to accounts not paid on pick up of my dog boarding at K9 Heaven if not paid for within 3 days.  A $7 post payment fee will be added on the total bill every 7 days thereafter until 1 month amounting to $28.00 due of administration fees.
  • Until payment is received in full at 3 months the post payment/non payment fee of $35 administration fee is amounted to the final invoice.  Collections action may be instigated at 3 months. Direct contact with non payer may also occur.
  • Non payment fees are invoiced & calculated at 3, 6, 12, & thereafter months.  At 3 months the non payment fee is $35.00.  At 6 months the non payment administration fee is $80.00. At 12 months of non payment the administration fee is $150.00. 
  • Non payment invoices will occur respective of different days/times of service.
  • 3rd party collection costs are that of the non payment/payer.
  • K9 Heaven uses the services of collections (Baycorp) at any given time as appropriate.
  • I agree to inform K9 Heaven of any of my dog's behaviours initially and as they develop that may impact K9 Heaven's decision on which area to keep my dog and where they may be exercised.  This includes but is not limited to behaviours such as jumping, escaping, bolting, aggressive behaviours towards people, dogs or other animals or a menacing classifcation being placed on my dog.
  • I understand that K9 Heaven exercises dogs in the farm area which consists of Deer Fencing with small square bottom.  I agree to my dog being exercised on the farm, unless I specifically state this on my membership form.  I accept all risks associated with this.

K9 Heaven may update its Terms and Conditions as needed and required. Terms & conditions can be found on the website as the primary & paramount version only, superceeding all paper or other digital versions.


K9 Heaven’s Best Year Ever Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. Entry into this K9 Heaven prize draw (Competition) is subject to:

  • these Standard Terms and Conditions;

  • any further specific terms and conditions related to the Competition, as detailed on the competition’s various posts on Instagram/Facebook and Email



2. Entry is automatic upon completion of any steps detailed in the Competition Rules, and completion of those steps is deemed to be acceptance of the Competition Rules and these Standard Terms and Conditions.


3. The promoter of the Competition is K9 Heaven 2021 Ltd, with its registered office at 103 Sunnyvale Rd, Massey, Auckland.

Competition Period

4.The Competition will commence and finish in accordance with the Competition Rules (the Competition Period). To clarify, the start date is Thursday June 23rd 2022 12:01am and the end date is Wednesday July 20th 11:59pm


5. To be eligible for entry into the Competition you must:

  • Currently, live in New Zealand;

  • be 18 years of age or older; and

  • comply with any other relevant rules as prescribed in the Competition Rules.

6. Employees, contractors, shareholders and their immediate families (being partners, children and parents) of K9 Heaven 2021 Ltd are not eligible to enter the competition: 

The Competition

7. Please refer to the Competition Rules for full details about the steps required to enter the Competition and details of any prizes.  Eligible entrants will go into the draw to win a prize (Prize).

8. Each entrant may gain as many entries as they like as long as they meet the requirements to gain an entry.

9. All valid entries will be entered into a draw which will be made on the 21st of July 2022. Entries will be drawn at random and qualifying entries drawn will be deemed the winners (Prize Winner).

10. The Prize Winners will be contacted by email and phone. If, after making reasonable attempts, K9 Heaven cannot contact a Prize Winner  within 5 working days of the Draw Date, that Prize Winner will not be eligible to receive a Prize and the Prize will be redrawn on the same terms and conditions, until a new Prize Winner is successfully contacted.

11. Terms and conditions may apply to the use of the Prize. 

12. Any additional costs associated with the Prize are not included in the Prize and are the Prize Winners’ responsibility.

13. The Prize cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash if the Prize Winners do not wish to or are unable to take up the Prize for any reason whatsoever.

14. The Prize Winners agree to participate in reasonable promotional and marketing activities as and when requested by K9 Heaven for no additional compensation.  All material produced for such purposes shall remain the property of K9 Heaven.


15. K9 Heaven reserves the right to modify the Competition Rules or these Standard Terms and Conditions at its discretion and to extend, modify, postpone or cancel the competition at any time. K9 Heaven’s decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

16. K9 Heaven, its related companies, and agencies associated with this competition will not be liable for any loss, claim, cost, expense, liability, or injury (‘Loss’) suffered by any person in any way associated with the competition including as a result of entry into the competition or winning or use of a Prize, except where such Loss can not be excluded by law.

17. The Competition Rules and these Standard Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of New Zealand courts.


Prize fulfillment

18. K9 Heaven may refuse to award a Prize to an entrant who, in K9 Heaven’s view, has acted fraudulently or not complied with the Competition Rules and/or these Standard Terms and Conditions. K9 Heaven may also refuse to award a Prize or require a service-related prize to stop being delivered based on their dog’s behaviour. If it becomes too aggressive, too difficult to manage or a potential danger to other dogs, K9 Heaven’s team, or itself during its time at K9 Heaven’s facility.

19. As it relates to the “unlimited grooming” aspect of the Grand prize and second prize, the grooming service may be used a maximum of one time per week.

20. A prize, or any unused portion of a prize, cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash. All other expenses associated with the prizes are the responsibility of the winners.

21. If the Survey Conductor, having used reasonable efforts, is unable to contact a winner 10 business days after the Draw Date, or a winner is disqualified in accordance with these terms and conditions, then their prize is forfeited.

22. The winner’s first name and region may be published on the Survey Conductor’s website(s) and social media platforms.

23. The prize will be sent within 30 calendar days from the date of contact with a Prize winner.

24. The Grand prize and Second prize may be used from the day after contact with a Prize winner.

25. The winner is subject to all other standard Terms and Conditions associated with K9 Heaven when services are delivered for them.

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