K9 Heaven is your alternative to mainstream dog care.  A stand alone 'modern' day rural dog care establishment, a social den for companion dogs from all walks of life.  Click here to see us in action daily on facebook.

Welcome to K9 Heaven's website, and thank you for stopping in.  At K9 Heaven we are a West Auckland premium social dog kennel farmstay, based just on the outskirts of Massey in Auckland.  Air conditioned sleeping arrangements, social areas during the day rather than confinement, & farm walks across a 12 acre dog dedicated farm & bushland.  A modern day approach to an age old tradition of Kiwi dog care in a rural setting.  A social den for dogs, K9 Heaven caters for doggy daycare, boarding (long term & short term), dog grooming, & international dog transport.  A place for happy, content, companion dogs from all walks of life. 

K9 Heaven caters for big dogs & small dogs, all shapes & sizes.  Our small dogs have their own area and own staff.  K9 Heaven is no breed-bias, and therefore unlike many places - all dogs are welcome.  A younger generation of professional dog care providers, with the ability & capability, fitness and dedication to deliver what it is that family dogs want.

K9 Heaven boasts a massive acreage of doggy playground of native bush, streams, farmland, & a giant doggy lake.  Deer fenced to accommodate our operation, a safe and contained area where our members really get to cut loose in a controlled environment during bush walks.  You will simply not find anywhere in NZ in a established 24/7 dog care provider, the dog exercising, fun, and exploration to levels K9 Heaven does.  And we are proud to provide such a place.

An extensive layer of recorded & monitored CCTV providing overwatch, owners onsite 24/7 & interacting 24/7 to dogs needs. 7 days in operation during the day, professional, qualified and dedicated staff playing, walking, health checking, and socializing with your companion & their friends daily. 

There is something for everyone at K9 Heaven, and like minded social companion dogs get to actually be friends, and hang out with each other 'all day'.  A 100% completely social environment which is a lot of fun for outgoing, companion dogs.  Whether it's daycare, boarding or grooming you are looking for, K9 Heaven is your long term, caring and professional option.

We look forward to joining you in being part of your dogs walk of life.

Small dog pack getting busy!!