K9 Heaven is the alternative to kennels, farmstays, indoor facilities, & dog minders, K9 Heaven is new age, professional, and all about your companion dog.  Click here to see us in action daily on facebook.

Welcome to West Auckland's K9 Heaven!

At K9 Heaven, we are your West Auckland based premium rural dog stay.  Within a new age professional environment, your companion enjoys a healthy, safe, fun, learning & energy release environment for dogs. K9 Heaven is proud to set new, higher standards, within the social rural kenneling & rural stay sector. We really are a modern day establishment like no other, with a completely different take to the aging traditional way of rural social dog care.  K9 Heaven is home to the sought after 'pack running' experience for dogs, only found at K9 Heaven. As a rural establishment our members sleep in air conditioned arrangements, in a safe, secure, doggy house custom revovated.  Our companion dogs have a great time here, and always leave with many stories to share with mum & dad!.

K9 Heaven provides boarding (long term & short term), doggy daycare for those that want a blast in paradise!, dog grooming, and international pet transport.  We are a one stop dog place for dog owners from all walks of life, we can cater to all your needs as a dog owner seeking care for your companion.

K9 Heaven boasts a massive acreage of doggy playground of native bush, streams, farmland, & a giant doggy lake.  Fully deer fenced and structured to accomodate our operation, a safe and contained area where our members really get to cut loose in a controlled environment.  Back at base, our members are not locked away all day waiting for a walk, we are the only 100% fully functional social environment in 24/7 dog care.  All our members have their own respective pack areas, our small dogs have their very own area, safe and to their own with their own care givers.  K9 Heaven boasts a proper staffing with Vet Nurses on the staff as well, K9 Heaven does not employ volunteers or just anybody.  You are getting young, fit, capable modern day professionals with relevant tertiary or experience backgrounds, who want to be here doing what they love.  Our members dream their day's antics away in a fully air conditioned doggy house, no kennels and runs at K9 Heaven, no big dogs locked away. At K9 Heaven, we are a 24/7 operation with owners onsite, & a massive security layer in place.  What we advertise, we 'really' deliver.

Small dog pack getting busy!!